14 Reasons You Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

I try to hide my smile any time a woman tells me, “I just can’t actually imagine myself doing these poses. I’m the least sexy person out there – it’s just not me, ya know?”

My response is ALWAYS: “How do you know?” Part of the magic behind a boudoir session is exploring the sides of you that you don’t often see – the side you are convinced just doesn’t exist. My number one job is reminding you that you deserve the “AND” – that no matter what roles you juggle (mom, wife, ladyboss, co-worker, friend)…you can be all of those things AND sexy, desirable, worthy, hot AF.

As you scroll through my Instagram, it’s easy to get lost in the comparison game – to compare body type, age, beauty. But the truth is, every single woman you see has insecurities, struggles, fears, doubts – just like you. What makes these images beautiful is their choice to TRUST me, my vision, my ability to create something that will outlive them.

So why should you book a session with me? Where are you in your walk of life right this moment?

  1. Capture being in a great place = Have you recently bought a new home? Achieved a new goal you set for yourself? Got a promotion at work? Why not give yourself a special gift that you will cherish for the rest of your life? Even if no one else sees it, it will make you remember that you were in a very happy place when you had your photos done.
  2. Celebrate being single – The most common thing women do when they come out of a breakup is to cut their hair. Let’s change that ladies! The first thing you should do is grab some girlfriends, head out to your favorite lingerie store, pick out a few sexy outfits and then call me! You don’t have to show your ex the photos if you don’t want to, or maybe you do, haha. But the next time you find yourself thinking, “oh, I wasn’t good enough for so and so, no wonder I’m single,” you can pull out your handcrafted box of prints (included in all of my package options) and say to yourself, “Damn, I look hot! What were they thinking leaving me?!”
  3. Honor your weight loss – Have you recently lost weight? Even just 10 pounds can feel like a huge difference. But if you’ve lost 20-30+ pounds, you know how great it feels. Reward yourself for all those long hours at the gym and those cheeseburgers and brownies you didn’t eat.
  4. Commemorate your years of service – Women in the military sometimes find themselves feeling unattractive since they are restricted to a uniform every day and are not allowed to get dolled up. Maybe you’ve just come back from a few months or even a year overseas in the harsh elements doing what you love. Maybe you’ve just completed 5 or 10 years of service and want to do something to celebrate that very special achievement. A boudoir shoot might be just the thing you’re looking for.
  5. Feel empowered – One of my clients told me about how empowered she felt during her session with me. What an amazing feeling! How confident she must have felt. While I wasn’t able to share her photos with my fans, I can tell you that they were absolutely gorgeous and her sense of empowerment really came across in each of her photos.
  6. Heal from domestic violence – Sometimes it’s extremely difficult for a woman to leave an abusive situation and I commend anyone (woman or man) who does. You are worth so much more than what someone else thinks and no one should ever be treated with anything less than respect and admiration. You have to remember that YOU are special. YOU are beautiful. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something sexy for yourself.
  7. Celebrate a transitional period – Have you just gotten engaged, or recently had a baby? Maybe your children have left the nest and you’re feeling an emptiness. How will you document this transition in your life? With something fabulous, of course!
  8. Find yourself – We all need a confidence boost when we’re looking for something new in our lives, whether it be a new spouse, a new job, or new friends. But sometimes it’s hard to get up the courage to ask someone out or go for that new job. Take a look at your boudoir photos and remember how confident and brave you were then when you were shaking on the inside and used that to your advantage.
  9. Celebrate being a woman – “All the women, who are independent, throw your hands up at meeee.” Being a woman rocks! And being a strong, independent woman rocks even more! I can’t tell you how awesome I feel knowing that I am a woman making a name for herself in the photography industry, who owns her own home, owns her own business, and is loving every minute of photographing beautiful women who have something they want to celebrate. Well, bring out your own inner Sasha Fierce and rock your boudoir shoot!
  10. See yourself in a different light – Have you ever though about being someone else for a day? Even trying something different that you would normally never do? Step out of your comfort zone and let your guard down. I promise you’ll love your results.
  11. Celebrate your 30’s – Being in my 20’s, I sometimes find myself thinking this is the best place in my life. I have my husband, I get to raise my kids at home while running my business, we own our own home…what more could I want?? If you’re in your 30’s though, you’re probably silently laughing at this. “Oh honey, it only gets better.” You’ve settled down with a career, family, and a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t had photos of yourself taken by a professional, and not just selfie’s, what are you waiting for?
  12. Capture your hot, young body – Ahh yes, having a hot, young body certainly does kick ass. I am so envious of my friends that haven’t had multiple kids, forever changing their bodies, and I think to myself “embrace that! It’ll be gone before you realize it!”
  13. Feel sexy – If you don’t come out of your boudoir session felling sexy then I haven’t done my job. This is when you should feel your sexiest and with direction and coaching, you’re going to have some of the sexiest photos of yourself you’ve ever seen.
  14. Show your strength – Have you been putting in long hours at the gym every night? Carefully tracking what you eat, cutting carbs, cutting out water just before your shows to get that conditioned look? Well, you’ve made it to your show and brought everything you had. Why not celebrate and show off what you’ve worked so hard to achieve and book your fitness inspired boudoir shoot with me! The day after the show is the best time for you to shoot since you’re still “show ready”. Don’t worry if you’re still in your “carb depleted haze,” I’ll show you exactly what to do. I’ll be your boudoir personal trainer!

One other reason we wanted to mention! We’ve photographed many women who want a pre-mastectomy photo to remember their girls before their big surgery. Breast cancer is on the rise and we would love to help you get a beautiful photo to keep or display proudly on your wall. We actually have had a few ladies order canvases of just their breasts.

So the next time you think you can’t pull this off? Think again – every pose is achieved by simply listening to the sound of my voice, as I guide your every move into the perfect position. Just know that this woman lives within you – and she is never too far gone.


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